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 Hypah's Retro Game Corner: Woody Woodpecker's Frustrating vacations (Genesis, Master System)

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PostSubject: Hypah's Retro Game Corner: Woody Woodpecker's Frustrating vacations (Genesis, Master System)   Wed Sep 28, 2011 9:12 pm

We see Hypah as he finishes his breakfast and leaves the kitchen.
He picks up a Sega Genesis controller and goes to the Sega games section of his game collection, but he sees that majority of the games has been taken and there was a note on the section.

The Note said:
“Dear Hypah, I took some of your Genesis games, I did that because Bot is coming to my house and Emochu wanted a copy of Pulseman and the only man I knew that had it was you, so I broke into your house and picked up the games, I left some that I wasn’t interested in.

“Huh, I just hope he didn’t take Strider.” Hypah says
When he is about to see what games he left, all of them were Tectoy games.
“Sweet Jesus!” Hypah says uncomfortably

Meanwhile, in the actual review…

Does anybody know who Tectoy is?
Well, this company was the one responsible for selling and making products for Sega in Brazil, they were the ones responsible for lowering the game prices in Brazil (too bad, It got higher again, now games in here costs your own soul).
And without them Brazil wouldn’t have importance in gaming, too bad, they suck now, all they do is send re-releases of Sega Genesis (Megadrive in Brazil) and Master System every single year!
But they exaggerate to the maximum in making re-releases for these consoles, in the point of making Wireless editions, portables, heck, even PCs (why don’t they make re-releases of the Dreamcast or the Japanese Saturn, that would have been awesome); usually their games are stored on their consoles’ motherboard, but majority of them are shitty and they only have 2 sonic the hedgehog games, which are Sonic 1 and Sonic 2 both the Genesis and Master System versions.
They also made games for their early years, majority of there games were only copy and paste of other Sega games with popular Brazilian characters on it.
But, once in a while, they make their own games, but that’s very rare, and that’s the case with the game I’m going to review today:

Woody Woodpecker’s frustrating vacations.

The game’s story is simple: Woody Woodpecker invites his friends such as Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and Andy Panda to a summer vacation, but they suddenly vanished and where kidnapped by Buzz Buzzard and his minions, because Woody Woodpecker didn’t invite him to join his vacation, okay, here is already a problem, Why would Woody Woodpecker even invite that asshole?
It’s like Mickey Mouse inviting Pegleg Pete for a family reunion, Spiderman inviting the Green Goblin to a picnic and such other examples.
The game’s designed seems to be made in MS Paint and this makes those horrible Zelda CD-I animations look like a masterpiece; the Genesis and Master System version don’t have any difference, the only exception is that the genesis is darker shade and it has 3 acts instead of 2 like the Master System.

Gameplay is annoying and hit detection is the worse I’ve ever seen, It takes millions of time just to woody woodpecker hit that d*** enemy, especially, the squirrel enemies (Yeah, Squirrels are enemies in the game ¬¬) because they stand in tall trees you have to beak right at his edge, and it’s hard to hit it especially due to his small size and because he keeps appearing and disappearing, not only is Woody’s hit detection bad, the enemies too, I mean, there’s a dog enemy that he bites Woody, but If you walk past him before he bites, you don’t get damage! (not to mention, the level design of the acts are the same thing recycled)

The soundtrack is also bad, it often recycles itself and doesn’t change, the only difference is made when you reach the bosses, it usually recycles the same thing, which is the Woody Woodpecker soundtrack, you know, the one used in the opening and when, you pick a money bag, a digitized Woody Woodpecker laugh will be heard over, and over, and over again, not to mention the sound effects, when he picks the jetpack, it will sound like if he was farting .

Bosses are easy too, they literatly take minutes just to be killed, you usually use the same tactic, either you just attack him and use the level’s environments against him (like nuts) or there will be things for you to teleport and attack him on the back, and the bosses are very weak, one beaking that Woody does takes almost half of their lifes and sometimes, their weapons don’t even do damage on you.
Overall, this is a bad game, don’t buy it or you will be as sad as a panda, the game is broken in so many ways, the animation is terrible, soundtrack is recycled and bosses are a joke
Overall rating:

Now that’s currently the first game on my tectoy week, next review is Duke Nukem 3D, Battletoads in Battlemaniacs for the game gear and Street Fighter II for the Master System.
Don’t miss it.
To be continued…
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Hypah's Retro Game Corner: Woody Woodpecker's Frustrating vacations (Genesis, Master System)
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