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 Oh my gosh, it's not a Pony thread: Spider-Man

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PostSubject: Oh my gosh, it's not a Pony thread: Spider-Man   Wed Aug 31, 2011 8:42 pm

In this topic, we talk about the sensacional, spectacular, amazing friendly web-slinger: Spider-man.

So, I'm really excited about the new movie, the only problem I have is that damn costume, to me it looks hideous, it looks like if some kingdom hearts designer wanted to make a modernized Spider-man, but in the end it made spider-man look ridiculous, I mean the Sam Reili one does remind me of spidey, this one reminds me of someone getting a spidey costume for 50 cents, but you can't judge a book by it's cover, as the story feels true to spidey, and overall looks a good film.

Peter Parker died.......In the Ultimate Universe, as marvel has all these imprints that take place in other universes and it looks like Peter Died and how entered his place?
Well, his name wasn't revealed, but he is going to be a african-latino and there are rumours that this new spidey is actually a homosexual, thanks to the Marvel-Polishop Super Blender!

Capable of adding three options for your character and mixing it all togheter, all at once.
But getting seriously, I actually thought it was nice that spidey was added as african and homosexual since there haven't been many of these, I mean do you see everyone on your society as bland, hetero and caucasian, they must have new mixes, even thought that can be controversial as soccer moms will start kicking spider-man's balls and changes will have to be done.

P.S. Don't worry, mistif, I will continue with emerald gaming news, I was just taking a vacation.
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Oh my gosh, it's not a Pony thread: Spider-Man
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