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 Hypah's Game Corner: Dream Mix TV World Fighters

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Hypah's Game Corner: Dream Mix TV World Fighters Empty
PostSubject: Hypah's Game Corner: Dream Mix TV World Fighters   Hypah's Game Corner: Dream Mix TV World Fighters EmptyThu Oct 13, 2011 9:11 pm

Hello, this is Hypah, and here is a question: have you ever dreamed of a fighting game with Solid Snake, Simon Belmont, Bomberman, Optimus Prime and that kid from Beyblade; No, actually we have nightmares about this, but they do in a Game called Dream Mix TV World Fighters.

Hypah's Game Corner: Dream Mix TV World Fighters 467710-918936_26751_front_large
Now just by hearing the name you have mixed feelings about the game it’s a crossover between popular Japanese Companies, these are: Konami (Creator of Yugi-oh, Metal Gear Solid, Castlevania,etc…); Hudson (Creators of Goemon, Bomberman and the developers of Mario Party) and Takara, the Japanese Hasbro, but here’s the question: Is this thing good?

Hypah's Game Corner: Dream Mix TV World Fighters Dreammixtv_011204_13
The description of this game is: Super Smash Bros.; It was made by the time were melee was doing a major success in the gaming world, however this is only gameplay based, as super smash bros is focussed on throwing your enemy out of the stage, while this one, you need to collect heart coins in which all characters share health, you can know what your health meter is as the character’s icon will appear on the bar to show you how much health do you have and the characters must survive with full health, as health can be depleted and if the character’s icon gets out of the bar he loses; but besides that there’s nothing, however you can charge your attacks more to 3x to become a more powerful attack unlike Smash Bros.

Hypah's Game Corner: Dream Mix TV World Fighters Dream27
The story is very simple it’s about the characters entering a death battle, because some TV Network’s ratings are falling, so they thought: “Hey let’s make a death battle between the characters, because television nowadays is all about Violence and Fan Service”, so they decided to do this, but then the boss of the TV Network decides to destroy the characters, why you may ask? I don’t know it’s never explained, he only appears as final boss and tries to kill you in a Dr Willy UFO and for some reason he looks like Hulk Hogan if he appeared in Panty and Stocking.

Hypah's Game Corner: Dream Mix TV World Fighters ME0000398033_2
Any sound in this game is forgettable it sounds more of a mish mash, it first sounds like Hard Rock, then it’s a fast paced Rock, then it’s sounds like a child cartoon’s theme, it’s a freaking mish mash fest, and they sound very generic, it doesn’t make you want to buy this game and because you focus on the game, your ears don’t even pay attention to it and the volume is very low.

Overall, Dream Mix TV is Super Smash Bros.; Only more mixed in characters, and it’s very hard to find this game in here or any territory, it’s as well as hard to find in Japan, it didn’t sold much, but even though it’s a copy and paste, it does impress a bit
Overall Rating:
I’m Hypah saying: WTF was that?!
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Hypah's Game Corner: Dream Mix TV World Fighters
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