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 Hypah's Game Corner: Astro Boy: The Omega Factor

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Hypah's Game Corner: Astro Boy: The Omega Factor Empty
PostSubject: Hypah's Game Corner: Astro Boy: The Omega Factor   Hypah's Game Corner: Astro Boy: The Omega Factor EmptySun Oct 30, 2011 12:47 pm

Hypah's Game Corner: Astro Boy: The Omega Factor 1796008-treasure_large
Treasure, this company is a big name in gaming, they made such titles as Ikaruga, Mischief Makers, Radiant Silvergun, Wario Land, Gunstar Heroes, Dynamite Headdy and man, Sin and Punishment, one of the best Run and gun games I’ve played in my life; This company is worth it in the gaming industry, they ocassionaly make run and gun games as well as Beat em’ ups but they aren’t those that after you played several games in the genre you stay bored, oh no this is Treasure we are talking about, the literately get you hooked and try to finish them even in the most challenging moments.

Hypah's Game Corner: Astro Boy: The Omega Factor Astro_Boy_-_Omega_Factor_Coverart
Well, the game that were talking about today is Astro Boy: The Omega Factor, published by Sega and Developed by Treasure in co-operation with Hitmaker, creators of the Crazy Taxi series.

Hypah's Game Corner: Astro Boy: The Omega Factor Astro-boy-omega-factor-20040820093236512
This game mixes platforming with side scrolling Beat em’ up, you control Astro Boy (Atom in Japan) who must complete missions which are divided in chapters, in each level you must combat a horde of enemies, the enemies can some times look the same enemy in a different color, but each enemy with a different colour has different attack some launch rockets, others use laser beams and such, You have not only your fists in the game, you also have the finger laser which is a small photon cannon that you lanch with your finger; the jets, which lets you fly temporarily and there are also special attacks such as an Arm Cannon, that fires this huge laser, Turret which Astro fires from his butt and this Rush attack that Astro uses to punch enemies while flying, but to use these, you need your special attack meter to be charged or it won’t work.

Hypah's Game Corner: Astro Boy: The Omega Factor Astro-boy-omega-factor-20040707113143491
Sometimes these enemies can get tall as ****, but they are easy to defeat, the game also has flight levels in which you fly and defeat hordes of enemies in space ships or air enemies such as robot bumblebees similar to those badnicks in Sonic the Hedgehog, however, don’t confuse this game with a button masher, sometimes it can get tricky such as the level which you are in a maze in the dark and you must upgrade your light sensors to see it better or in the moon which you must avoid getting hit by lasers, but the real challenge in this game are the Bosses, this game have one of the hardest bosses I’ve ever seen, especially Pluto, that guy is an *** and the Antarctica air level covers the whole screen and occasionally damages you because of it, not to mention Blue Knight Quick Time Event Fight, which says to you to press the A button to attack him, but you have to hold it, or it won’t work, this teaches us that mistranslation is a *****.

Hypah's Game Corner: Astro Boy: The Omega Factor 128524738786
The Story is split in arcs, which are the birth and rebirth arcs, The Birth story follows Astro as he goes to several adventures in his life such as Where he goes to a Mayan temple, in the future, where robots are having war against the humans and lots of other things, majority of the Birth act is inspired by different works by Osamu Tezuka such as the Marine Express, the Astro Boy 2003 series and so on, while the Rebirth arc, Astro is revived by Phoenix, a character also from Osamu Tezuka mythology which she revives him after an event that kill all robots and grants him the ability to go forward or back in time to stop this event, the story feels like your watching an anime episode of Astro Boy and the character relationship is huge too, with a variety of characters and the connections they have with each other and Astro is a very interesting character in this game, especially with his charisma.

Hypah's Game Corner: Astro Boy: The Omega Factor Astro-boy
Another addition in the game is the Omega Factor which allows you to upgrade Astro after finding characters, which is a huge task in this game; the characters are in large amounts with a large library of Osamu Tezuka characters such as Dr. Black Jack, Kimba the White Lion, Princess Sapphire from The Princess and Knight and such others, after having conditions to meet them, you can upgrade either your laser, turret, jet flight, sensors, health and strength, another good addition in this game is the graphics, they are so colourful, bright and well detailed, that it makes other GBA games feel ashamed, and is a good addition after we see so many games that are either grey or brown, but Astro Boy has some cons and that is Repetition, the game is too repetitive and predictable, you face enemies, then you platform, more enemies, go to another area, enemies, platform, enemies and boss; and it goes on and on and on, but either way the game gets you hooked like any treasure game.

Overall, Astro Boy: The Omega Factor is a great game in the GBA library and one of the best games I’ve ever played, it’s sad how this game suffered the same treatment as Psychonauts and Psi-Ops, ‘cause it’s a marvel.

-Great Gameplay
-Well done Storyline
-Bright and Colourful Graphics
-Good character relation
-Good upgrade system

-Repetitive gameplay

Overall Rating:

I'm Hypah saying Can somebody explain this?
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Hypah's Game Corner: Astro Boy: The Omega Factor
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