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 How To Contact Staff

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PostSubject: How To Contact Staff   How To Contact Staff EmptySat Nov 12, 2011 12:00 pm

Having an issue with another member, or need a question answered?

1. Reporting: Beside every post in the top right corner there is a "report" button. It should be an exclamation point (!). By clicking this you can give a brief description of why you've reported this post to the mods or admins. Reason for reporting should be violating of rules.

2. PM: You can contact any member through PM. First click on a username, then from there you should see a button of "contact". Click it. After that you can type your message. Staff will be back with a response as soon as we can. If it's a question directed to a forum moderator or administrator, it would be advised to send it to more than one. Since many of us live in different time zones, it may be helpful. Plus, us staff members tend to focus on different things for the forums. To locate a mod or admin look for a dark blue username. Under the username it should say "administrator" or "moderator". You can see with mine it says "Head Administrator".

3. Email: You can Email me using the email address EGforums@yahoo.com

How To Contact Staff GamingMisfit
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How To Contact Staff
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