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 Emerald Gaming Spotlight

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PostSubject: Emerald Gaming Spotlight   Emerald Gaming Spotlight EmptySun Dec 25, 2011 7:13 pm

Welcome guys to the first instalment of EG Spotlight, I’m your host hypah and we have a lot of things to talk today, check it out.

In the let’s play section, we see Tyranee in his let’s play about phoenix wright ,Video Games Awesome and Toby getting massacred in Skyrim.

AllieRX reviews one of the worst games in Sonic History: Sonic Genesis for Gameboy Advance, not to mention his game review on Mortal Kombat Advance, Guru Larry and Wez with their top ten overhyped shite and Johnny reviews Sonic Generations.

There is also Written Reviews, News about gaming and more in EG Spotlight!

Okay, to start the EG Spotlight, let’s see what’s happening in gaming:
Emerald Gaming Spotlight Hidden-comic-comparison-525x2801

Emerald Gaming Spotlight Hidden-comic-lamda

Half-Life 3 might be happening after all, the site black-aperture.com leads to what seems to be a half life 3 site which is just the Half-Life logo with a 3 on it and lambda snowflakes falling on the site and if you shade the site a bit, you will see the aperture science logo, there is also a hidden clue on the new team fortress comic, where two coffee stain forms the number 3 and there is a hidden Half-Life logo on the picture where the TF2 characters are, my thoughts? A Portal and Half-Life crossover

Emerald Gaming Spotlight MystCover
You know Mist? That 90’s point and click game that was a very successful game on the PC, well seems like there is a 3DS port coming, it is not clear if the game will change in design or will it be enchanced, but here’s a thing, where will people stop making ports for the 3DS? I hope they stop it after Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater.

Emerald Gaming Spotlight The_last_guardian
Remember when The Last Guardian fans got their hearts shattered after GameStop said it was cancelled, yeah they lied.
Sony affirmed that the game is still in development, this was an error made by GameStop, they meant that the game won’t appear on their shelves, I think the reason is because of the Nintendo JRPGS or they just don’t like the game.

Now, let’s get to the game reviews, let’s start with AllieRX on Sonic Genesis:
Part 1:

Part 2:

Yeah that game truly sucked, and the game just shows the Emeralds do nothing, the original did show that it had some power that could create plantlife, but in the GBA one it’s just a white flash, Did they took picture of you or something?

Well, now to the written reviews!

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 improves the original to the maximum, it just reverted the disappointment of the original to something good, the character roster expanded and it’s fun to play as Frank, Rocket Raccoon, Vergil and Phoenix Wright, but I do think that they should have putten Megaman Trigger instead of Firebrand, I liked Firebrand, but he was difficult to control and his moves were disappointing, Roll in Marvel vs Capcom 2 which is just a weak megaman clone is better than him (no offense to Roll, I like her and her moves in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom are fun), the gameplay also has been improved with new character moves and gameplay tweaks and there are also some new modes, not to mention the upcoming Heroes vs. Heralds DLC looks good.
Though, it didn’t improve the modes, single player is still disappointing and there is a lot lacking.

Overall Score: 8.5/10

Emerald Gaming Spotlight Supermariocrossover
Now some people might not know this little game, it’s a browser game, Super Mario Crossover made by Exploding Rabbit.com is a game where you play the original Super Mario Bros., but this time with other characters to play which include Megaman, Simon Belmont, Samus, Ryu Hayabusa and more.
This game is gallons of fun and it’s very addicting, I suggest Playing this game on your free time, trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

Overall Score: 9/10

Emerald Gaming Spotlight Sonic_Battle_Coverart
Sonic Battle is great, the fighting mechanics is way better than Sonic the Fighters, it mixes Power Stone with games like Capcom vs. SNK, thought the 3D stages look kinda bad and upgrading Emerl is confusing, took me a hard time not only to upgrade but to complete the game especially during the fight with Knuckles, GOD, I hate that fight, but overall I suggest for both Sonic fans and for the people that like games like Super Smash Bros., but I do think the game was kind of a button masher.

Overall Score: 7.5/10

Now I promise more game reviews soon, now let’s see what Larry and Wez have to offer us:

I do agree with Fable and Duke Nukem it probably deserved it, but I never knew there was a mission impossible game for the N64, but they could have put The Force Unleashed on that list and maybe Soul Calibur IV.

When somebody tells you there is a shitty MK game, you will probably never believe me, but prepare to be sad, ‘cause it’s true, AllieRX will show you that:
Part 1:

Part 2:

Now let’s rest a bit from the reviews and check out some news:

Emerald Gaming Spotlight FFXIII2_logo
Final Fantasy XIII-2 suffered Poor sales in Japan, selling 524,000 copies in Japan, it would be okay with a indie game or something, but we are talking about Final Fantasy, one of the most popular franchises in the world, maybe Final Fantasy will have it’s “Final Fantasy” *badumtish*
But getting Serious I don’t want this game franchise to die.

Emerald Gaming Spotlight PS-Vita-Front
The PS Vita suffered a problem in japan, consumers are telling that their PS Vitas get stuck in this Debug Mode in which you see: Oysters and Dolphins, no I’m not kidding, Sony informed that it isn’t true, however there are videos on youtube showing it, go check it out.

And Now for Johnny vs. Sonic Generations.

Poor Clement, he has feelings Johnny.

Now to some written Reviews:

Emerald Gaming Spotlight Sonic-Generations-Side-by-Side
Sonic Generations is a great Homage to the Sonic character, having the ability to play as Modern and Genesis Sonic, this game is very cool, the graphics are good, well with the exception of the Xbox version, there have been complains about being too blurry and blocky, but the controls are good on that version.
The music is great with remixes of Songs from previous Sonic games and the return of Old songs, but the main problem I have for this game is the length, it’s very short and can be compared to Spider-man: Shattered Dimensions, man, why does all the good games end fast like candy?

Overall Rating: 8.9/10

Emerald Gaming Spotlight Super-Mario-3D-Land-1-600x300
Super Mario 3D Land is one of the best games for the 3DS, It mixes 3D Mario gameplay with the elements of Mario games from the best with inclusion of the Timer (UGH!), The tanooki suits is back, but man is it mad, this game has too much tanooki, the game also has fluid graphics, great sound, good controls and not to mention: Fun Factor.

Overall Rating: 10/10

Now let’s see what Toby will do in the Land of Skyrim!

The let’s play will continue next time on the next EG Spotlight

Now we all love Phoenix Wright, heck, due to his amount of fanbase he appeared on Marvel Vs. Capcom 3 and was supposed to appear in Tatsunoko vs. Capcom and Tyranee shows his love for the game by playing it.

This EG Spotlight was brought you by the PSI Starstorm energy drink, the energy drink made by gods and make you 100% more manly, it also makes you have superhuman strength, heat vision and the ability to fire the lazor, tired of School? PSI STARSTORM! Your School is destroyed.
Your wife won’t go to the Kitchen and make you a sandwich? PSI STARSTORM! She is now making.
Santa won’t appear in your Christmas? PSI STARSTORM! He is now giving you the present live.
PSI Starstorm available in Four Different Flavours: PSI Starstorm, PSI Starstorm, PSI Starstorm and Grapefruit.*

Now to Video Games Awesome!

Now, unfortunately it’s time to go, thanks for seeing the spotlight, I will improve next time, I am Hypah, wishing a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

©Emerald Hill, Inc.
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Posts : 212
Age : 26
Location : In a mansion full of games, pizza and diet coke

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PostSubject: Re: Emerald Gaming Spotlight   Emerald Gaming Spotlight EmptyThu Feb 23, 2012 11:27 pm

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