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 Top 20 Games of 2011 (20-11)

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PostSubject: Top 20 Games of 2011 (20-11)   Top 20 Games of 2011 (20-11) EmptyThu Jan 12, 2012 9:10 am

This year was awesome in gaming, many great games came out, a lot of people got hyped, we all got addicted to Skyrim, it was just like Nintendo’s E3 2010 Presentation (man, that thing was awesome), so let’s see who gets in this list in TOP 20 GAMES OF 2011.


Top 20 Games of 2011 (20-11) Back-to-the-Future-The-Game-Episode-1
Back to the Future: The Game

I’m a huge fan of the Back to the Future franchise and the 1st film is a masterpiece, this is what inspired me to make home movies when I was 9 (which I won’t show to you >=( ).
I am new to the point n click genre, the only game I’ve played was the NES version of Maniac Mansion (sweet times), and with a great story, nice acting and cartoonish graphics, it feels great, it was nice to see Michael J. Fox’s character back in action and awesome to see some of the cast return to dub the game.


Top 20 Games of 2011 (20-11) Terraria

It’s like minecraft, you construct anything you want, but unlike Minecraft it’s more RPGish and to be true it has more gameplay than Minecraft, heck this game even has bosses, mixing good old plain 2D with crafting with RPG is just genius, a simple game like Terraria achieved 200,000 copies and being top seller at Steam surpassing Witcher 2 and Portal 2, not to mention the graphics that even simple looks good (it reminds me of Super Mario World for some reason).


Top 20 Games of 2011 (20-11) Orcs-Must-Die
Orcs Must Die!

Think of a game on the apple’s app store only with more gameplay, more fun and with more exploration, you get Orcs Must Dies, a simple game, yet fun and challenging, I didn’t had so much fun in a XBLA title since Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, it’s addictive, it’s challenging and very simple, it’s the typical Tower Deffense game in a 3rd person perspective which adds more into this game.


Top 20 Games of 2011 (20-11) Skylanders
Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure

When I first saw the game, it didn’t seem trust-worthy, Spyro looked terrible, the whole game looked like a cash-in and how they rebooted the franchise again, yes, the whole toy thingy seemed cool, but it was just forcing the kids to buy their fucking products so Activision can gain cash everyday, but I admit, the game is fun, and reminds me of that badass X-Men game: X-Men Legends 2; and the exploration and how the toys work, it’s great.

Well, all I can say is: Gotta Cash ‘em All!


Top 20 Games of 2011 (20-11) Hard_Corps_cover
Hard Corps: Uprising

A prequel to the Megadrive/ Genesis Contra game Hard Corps, this game is just epic, the game is a crossover project between Konami, the company we all know and love; and Arc System Works, the creators of Blazblue and Guilty Gear; this game might be the best Contra game I’ve played, with great customization, anime artstyle and kickass themes, Hard Corps might be the cup of tea for people who like Shooting and Violence.


Top 20 Games of 2011 (20-11) 250px-Total_War_Shogun_2_box_art
Total War Shogun 2

This is probably the best strategy game I’ve ever played since Starcraft 2 and Warhammer 400,000, the graphics are great, the AI is well done, the game itself ain’t rushed or mediocre, the classes are well adjusted everything seems great, not to mention how the game puts the player in a very realistic role of a commander, needing to see improvements, economic stability and such others, for those who are a huge fans of Age of Empires, I would totally suggest this game.


Top 20 Games of 2011 (20-11) Kirbys-return-to-dream-land-release-600x300
Kirby’s Return to Dreamland

I love the Kirby franchise, and the Return to Dreamland game brings back my satisfaction to the series, though I did like Epic Yarn I just didn’t like the whole you can not die thing, and having the ability to play as Meta Knight, Bandana Dee and Dedede was awesome, though I miss Adeleine from Kirby 64 (maybe I read too much Brawl in the Family), the game is excellent, thanks to the new powers, fun gameplay and awesome multiplayer, though story could have been better.


Top 20 Games of 2011 (20-11) Cave_story_3d_012
Cake Cave Story 3D

I liked the original cave story, the game was fun, original and has a lot of creativity and believe it or not the first game was only made by 1 person, yeah, 1 person.
This side-scrolling RPG mixes Metroidvania gameplay with Zelda schemes, by controlling Quote who must stop the evil Doctor, thought the 3DS version is just a port, I suggest for you to buy, it’s a great game for the 3DS library.


Top 20 Games of 2011 (20-11) LA2
L.A. Noire

Though I kept kinda lower mostly because how Team Bondi treated their dev team like a piece of shit and how names were token off the credits, L.A. Noire is still very fun with lots of exploration into it, calm and deep story and great graphics thanks to face scan technology, this game is a must buy for every platform, not to mention the acting which was top-notch and superb, heck, it was so well done that it made L.A. Noire look like a movie, thought I wish this game has a sequel as Bondi closed its doors and Angry Joe is right, the actor of Cole Phelps does look like Linkara.


Top 20 Games of 2011 (20-11) Bastion0

This RPG is the best I’ve ever played since Chrono Trigger, this game puts a lot of motion into it and has the best narrator I’ve ever heard, he is the Morgan Freeman of Gaming, Rucks.
The art work is also really well done reminding me of Braid sometimes, and the choices the gamer makes turns the game more interesting, in fact I could play Bastion right now.

Well this was a part of my top 20 we will continue next week, I’m hypah saying that I’m now going to sleep as I am fucking tired, night!
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Top 20 Games of 2011 (20-11)
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