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 Now Loading: Vanquish

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PostSubject: Now Loading: Vanquish   Now Loading: Vanquish EmptyMon May 28, 2012 4:53 pm

Now Loading: Vanquish

Oh look, I´m doing a review on EG, after that whole breakdown/controversy that happened on SEGA, well anyway, before I start this review I want to inform that the forums will go on a change, but it ain´t going to be a simple update, it will be a huge revamp, as we´re shifting focus from Sonic/SEGA gaming to General Gaming, which was what got EG popular back in the days, my opinion, this will be great as it will give more liberty to the user and will put the place back to work and eliminate EG´s current schrodinger´s cat status.

Well to the review!

Today´s game is non other than Vanquish made by the developer Platinum Games, a developer that got REALLY overated in the past years.

To those who are unfamiliar with Platinum Games, they were the ones that developed Bayonetta, the erotica version of Devil May Cry whom it´s PS3 port is a half-assed and unaccomplished atempt of making money off this game and Madworld, one of the best titles for the Wii.

Vanquish is a bullet-hell 3rd person shooter brought by the same guy who created Resident Evil: Shinji Mikami, whom it´s story is so bland and boring that makes Sonic Generations´ story seems more enjoyable, you control Sam , a researcher that got this super-enchanced Robotic suit that looks like something Tony Stark would do if he spent an entire night playing Halo Reach, who must fight against Russian Nationalists. Why? Because they destroyed San Franciso and they want to kick Russia´s ass, now where have I seen that before? Oh yeah, fucking MW3.
Only that the russians do a terrorist attack on New York instead of throwing a solar kamehameha on San Francisco.

The Probably one of the most frustating things in the game is it´s scenery, it´s always the fucking same, it´s plain white background, this background makes me so mad to the point where I wanted to do a piledriver if the game was human-sized, not to mention it brings nothing new to it´s genre.

The game has a time slowing down mechanic similar to bayonetta that is activated when you do a matrix backflip or when you lose lots of health, there is also the boost mechanic which is completely worthless, try shooting with it, it´s like you running around blindfolded trying to shoot a fly, you need to use the bost 99% of the time in the game either because you need to get to a place quickly or because you slowed time, but I have to admit the controls are very smooth and response greatly, though I wonder doesn´t that boosting damage his armour´s paint or anything , heck, doesn´t it burn his buttcheks, I mean, he is sliding at sonic speeds with his ass!

Graphics are good and I like how the framerate as the PS3 version of Bayonetta felt like I was playing the bastard twin brother of the game rather than the game itself, the game also brings a good amount of difficulty, which I think is really nice after all games nowadays are just piss boring and easy , and all the good games take a short amount of time to beat and brings no challange whatsoever or they´re just focussed on single player, and don´t mention Skyrim for the love of god, I would be more satisfied if you say Oblivion or Morrowind for once.

Now let´s focus on Vanquish before this turns into a “How I hate Skyrim” rant; the game is a 3rd person shooter mixed with bullet hell games like Ikaruga, so you can probably imagine that this game has a shiton of enemies, there are certain times where you´re trying to take cover and you simply don´t know you´re taking damage and die, that makes you shout “Who the fuck just shot me?”.

Speaking of covers, the places where you take cover is temporarily as the enemies bullets and lasers can actually break them and forces you to find another place to hide, I know they were trying to make this game difficult, but this is just frustating, especially in the first boss of the game where most of attacks takes a shiton of damage to the covers and in 5-10 seconds it´s already broken, I found myself stuck with no covers once with this boss, his 1st form is easy though his 2nd is just a pain in the arse, and to make manners worse there is a stage where you must face him again only this time, there is two of him.

Overall Vanquish is a mixed bag and I might be the only person who hates it, I found the controls of this game nice and the game´s difficult is something that you don´t see nowadays, which is good, but the game fails to bring anything new to the 3rd person and bullet hell genre and instead picking elements from different games while the boost mechanic is just boring overall, the story is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad (and yes I need to do that), sure I like mario and sonic and these games can have the same story, but for vanquish´s game genre this is a bad excuse, the characters are uninteresting, the story has nothing important and tries to go all “hardcore”, “badass” and “macho”

The scenerio doesn´t change which is bad as they could have done better things with it cause the graphics and framerate could have provided a great power of graphical quality

I give this game a 6/10

Stay gold.
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Now Loading: Vanquish
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