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 Emerald Gaming News: Gamescom edition 2

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PostSubject: Emerald Gaming News: Gamescom edition 2   Emerald Gaming News: Gamescom edition 2 EmptySat Aug 20, 2011 3:55 pm

Hello, welcome to the Emerald Gaming News.
I'm hypah and this is the Gamescom edition talking about all the new games at gamescom.

Emerald Gaming News: Gamescom edition 2 The_Elder_Scrolls_V_Skyrim_cover
Let's first start with the Elder Scrolls series, Skyrim is their next upcoming game, the game talks about Skyrim having a civil war after the death of a king, so the god Alduin rised in his dragon form to destroy Skyrim, but the player character who is the only one from the race Dragonborn can kill him, so you must stop him.

The game will feature a tool for making mods, however, this will not be available for 64 bit systems, the Collector's edition will feature a map of Skyrim and a statue of a dragon, that's awesome.

The game will have a new engine: the Creation Engine, this engine makes the graphics and the weather more realistic, the game will be kinda like playing a PS3 Game.

Skyrim is coming November 11.

Emerald Gaming News: Gamescom edition 2 Counter-Strike_Global_Offensive

Many fans want a new Half Life game, but Gabe's answer is: Screw you, we're not making it.
But another interesting game appeared, it's non other than a new Counter-Strike game.

Counter-Strike: Global-Offensive is the new addition in the Counter Strike series made by valve.

The Game will be made by Valve in cooperation with Hidden Path Entertainment, the ones that brought you Counter-Strike: Source.

The game will feature new classes, new maps and new content to gameplay, but will also include classic maps.

There will be also matchmaking and a Leaderboards addition.

The game will be released for the Playstation Network, Xbox Live, PC and Mac in 2012, Gabe also says that cross-platform multiplayer is possible.

Emerald Gaming News: Gamescom edition 2 Prototype_2

PROTOTYPE, one of the best games I played is getting a sequel as we know, the game will not feature Alex Mercer, instead it will feature Sergeant James Heller as he wants to stop the Blacklight virus once and for all, after Mercer released the virus, Heller's wife were killed, as he swears vengeance by having a mission: Murder his Maker.

The gameplay has been upgraded, yes, you can still shapeshift and the picking weapons has now a new feature, you can grab a tank's cannon and use it like a gun( FUCK YEAH!), you can also transform people into Bio-bombs, which transforms them into a living bomb to attack enemies, and you can also shoot webs like Spider-man, to get your enemies stuck on it and you can attack freely.

And unlike Mercer, Heller does his own mission ( Heller is like a boss), hacking into the Blacknet, a system of Blackwatch that details military operations and the three areas of New York Zero.

Emerald Gaming News: Gamescom edition 2 Uncharted_3_Boxart

Nathan Drake, one of the most epic archeoligist in the gaming world is going to appear once again in Uncharted 3, taking place in the desert, as Nathan tries to find the Lost City of Iram of the Phillar.

The game will be graphicaly better in Character and Enviroment models than Uncharted 2, Nathan Drake, will have a large number of different animation sets, enabling him to react according to his surroundings.

Other additions include the use of the enviroment against enemies( such as using chairs and other things to hit enemies, slamming them in a wall or remove their gun and dispatching it), melee attacks and silent kills seen in games such as Prince of Persia and Spider-man: Shattered Dimensions' Spider-man Noir's levels.

There will also be new things in Multiplayer, these include: new areas, maps, characters, DLC and others.
There will also be cinematics, but that's the least important, there will be Power Plays, which are advantages the losing team receives over the winning team at certain times, such as "VIP", where players on a team are able to see the marked man on the opposing team and are given the opportunity to kill that player for extra money.

Now, all we need is a crossover between Lara Croft, Nathan Drake and Indiana Jones, come on people, that would be epic.

Emerald Gaming News: Gamescom edition 2 Rerevelations

Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D failed in bringing a good Resident Evil experience for the 3DS, but Revelations seems promising, bringing back the horror formula( but still keeping the action gameplay) from the first three Resident Evil, having limited ammo and the return of zombies instead of Manjini and such, Revelations seems promising.

In this game you can control Jill and her comrade Parker Luciani as they must find Chris Redfield and her partner Jessica who have gone missing( the opposite of RE5), and to do it they must go into several towns as they must sail in a crusie ship.

The game will feature the ability to aim the enemy via control stick or the gyroscope( I think the control stick will be better), the game will also have puzzles and it takes place after RE5, so it may not have Wesker.

You can also toggle graphical effects if the 3D on the 3DS is disabled.

The engine used will be the MT Framework mobile used on early versions of the engine of Lost Planet 2.

Emerald Gaming News: Gamescom edition 2 Halobox

Hey look, it's the first Halo game and guess what, it's their 10th anniversary, congratulations!
So, what do we get?
A remake of the first halo game: Halo Anniversary edition, to be true, there ain't much to explain here, but it's one of the most anticipated games for the XBOX 360 besides Gears of War 3( which millions of people who modded the game are playing the pirated edition).

It's going to feature a online mode and as well as Cooperative play,beter graphics and 343 Industries will also rework on the music of this game.

Now let's go into a question, what will be one of the features of Halo Anniversary edition:
a) A beta for Gears of War 3
b) A beta for Halo 4
c) A Xbox live gold membership card inside
d) 10 large pounds of Kinect shit

If you answered d), you are right, man, it's like if Microsoft wants everyone to buy kinect even if it doesn't do anything, Microsoft, we gamers just want to sit in a couch, hold a controller and play the game, not having wireless controllers, no controllers, Car wheels or anything.

Well, at least Nintendo is doing the Wii U and bring the sit on the couch formula back and have games like Arkham City, but it's gimicky.

I'm Hypah and this was Emerald Gaming news

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Emerald Gaming News: Gamescom edition 2
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