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 Homefront ( Boba's Bounties Review Two )

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Homefront ( Boba's Bounties Review Two )  Empty
PostSubject: Homefront ( Boba's Bounties Review Two )    Homefront ( Boba's Bounties Review Two )  EmptyTue Aug 23, 2011 5:44 pm

This is my review.

Gameplay - The gameplay of Homefront, an FPS shooter from THQ, is impressive. If you run in the open with a sniper rifle, you will be shot. The HUD is nice and clear. Although, finding how much ammo you have is troubling.

Gameplay - 8.7

Graphics - This game is uglier than a pot of dead kittens. I mean, it's a disgrace. But THQ did its best. It wasn't good enough, though.

Graphics - 1.0

Audio - I can't say much about it. It's so-so.

Audio - 5.0

Story - Amazing. An invasion of the USA by the Koreans is a heartfelt story of a future tomorrow.

Story - 10.0

Multiplayer - Meh. If you have no code or get the game pre-owned, you can only level to 5, or buy a pass for 10 dollars. The multiplayer is so-so.

Multiplayer - 7.0

Bottomline - It's a fair game, and hopefully we'll see Homefront 2.

My rating is:


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Homefront ( Boba's Bounties Review Two )  Empty
PostSubject: Re: Homefront ( Boba's Bounties Review Two )    Homefront ( Boba's Bounties Review Two )  EmptyWed Aug 24, 2011 12:53 pm

This game is very good, thank god, they hired the director of Apocalypse Now to do the story, and Boba, your reviews are good, but they are not very detailed, I think if you add more details, then it's going to be better than ever.

EDIT FROM MISFIT: You said "This game is very god" Rolling Eyes

You iz welcomez.
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Homefront ( Boba's Bounties Review Two )
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