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 Hypah's game corner: Kingdom Hearts II review

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Hypah's game corner: Kingdom Hearts II review Empty
PostSubject: Hypah's game corner: Kingdom Hearts II review   Hypah's game corner: Kingdom Hearts II review EmptyTue Sep 06, 2011 9:00 pm

So, you may say, hey hypah, where is your review on inFamous, well, I quitted, since each time I tried to review, I sounded like a dudebro, and saying that the game was awesome and such.
So I decided to pick a game that I could easily review wihout sounding like a fan of Call of duty and Madden NFL.

Hypah's game corner: Kingdom Hearts II review 64825
Kingdom Hearts is one of the most famous cross platform games, besides Tomb Raider, Sonic and a bunch of others, it is a memorable franchise, mixing fantasy with modern settings.
The game is also a crossover and mixes Final Fantasy characters with the magical world of Disney.

Well, the story is about Sora a 16 year old boy(or what looks like it) who is the carrier of the keyblade, a well known weapon used to purify worlds from darkness and his friends Donald and Goofy, which they are a magician and a knight, that it's only weapon is a shield( like captain america), trying to find two of Sora's friends in which he lived on his planet: Riku and Kairi, while still trying to defeat the Heartless, a association of disney characters with their leader, being the most badass villain( second only to that devil from Fantasia) in Disney history, Maleficent, which their objective is to rule the world by using hearts and Organization XIII, which are trying to steal people's hearts and give it to nobodies( a race of clones made by people's memories and can only be created after the original person has their heart released) so they can become perfect beings.
And to do this objective, Sora must go to various planets to purify them from Darkness, the story is very confusing at first, but as it progresses it becomes very entertaining, with each character's relations being expanded and with a very complex storyline, showing the past of Sora, King Mickey and even the Organization XIII.
Now, the main thing I don't like is the whole Light and Dark story that this game has, since they focus on this too much and keeps on making characters creating poetry after poetry, making this game become a star wars, heck, the game's chronology is also as confusing as Star Wars.

Gameplay is the main attraction of this game, it mixes Hack n Slash with RPG elements( such as equipment, power-ups, magic, customization and many others), the game is very fast paced, and combat is fluid, in which it often have quick time events and lots of combos that Sora can do, comparing to the first game, Kingdom Hearts II manages to become better than it's predecessor, with additions such as forms in which Sora takes a party member( example: Goofy) and he takes a privelege from that character to attack enemies and bosses.

Visuals looks good for the time, because it was well animated and it maked look more like a gamecube game rather than a PS2 game.
They are cartoony like the ones seen on anime, but also has disney styled animations too, overall, due to the PS2's graphical limitations, Kingdom Hearts manages to surpasses the limitations and bring at least good graphics for the PS2, unlike...GTA.

Voice acting is perfect, With Haley Joel Osment doing a great job being Sora, his characterists fit, the voice fits and he is very funny, casting was great and the voices sound exactly like the ones from the Disney movies( especially Jack Sparrow)

Overall, Kingdom Hearts brings a great experience to your PS2 and is a must buy, so remember before purchasing a GTA copy, go pick up a copy of KH2


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Hypah's game corner: Kingdom Hearts II review
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