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 Hypah's game corner: Top 10 disturbing/scariest bosses in gaming

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Hypah's game corner: Top 10 disturbing/scariest bosses in gaming Empty
PostSubject: Hypah's game corner: Top 10 disturbing/scariest bosses in gaming   Hypah's game corner: Top 10 disturbing/scariest bosses in gaming EmptySat Sep 10, 2011 7:20 pm

EDIT BY COLA: Due to the nature of this thread, the bosses have been spoilered in case some younger ones accidentally click on this. View these images at your own risk. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

EDIT BY CHRIS: Oh, man up, Cola! It ain't that scary! :/

Every game has a boss (with the exception of Prof.Layton, Phoenix Wright, Art Games, etc. But that's not the case).
They are strong, nasty and sometimes they are hard, that makes you pissed.
But what about those that makes you s*** in your own pants, they deserve a spot on the gaming hall.
Hypahalexkidd here and this is the Top 10 Disturbing/ Scariest bosses in gaming general.


Psycho Mantis is scary, deal with it, I mean, look at his appereance he looks like someone that came from a Resident Evil game, not a Metal Gear game.

That moment with Meryl gives me creeps, not because he sounds gay when he controls meryl and say things like "Do you love me, Snake?" or "Make Love with me" ( Ugh, but that's scary too), not because he has this Darth Vader voice,it's because he reads your save files, he knows that sooner or later you're going to play Super Mario Sunshine, he rumbles your control demonically and he makes the developers laugh at you, which means you're doomed...Unless, you're friend put a 2nd controller port, then he will become easy.

Psycho Mantis, the scariest boss in metal gear solid and a joke to the game too.


Brandon, the psychopath that can kick your a** with a piece of glass, that's what happen to Criken on youtube and not to mention he keeps teleporting in the bathroom, how is that possible?

He talks scary, he acts scary, he is more of a psychopath than everyone I've seen in the game, and his veins are shown in his hands hideously.
And he is mad, I mean, look at his solution on stopping a zombie pandemic:
Spreading the Zombie Virus.
How does that help? Helps at nothing, just kills everyone in the world and leaving no life forms whatsoever on the Milky way galaxy.

Brandon, a guy that can beat the crap out of you with a glass, crazy as hell and doesn't take a shower anyday.


The Legend of Zelda, one of my favourite franchises and Twilight Princess, one of my most hatred zelda games, to me it lacked the magic of A Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time, I thought the story was bland and gameplay was...Meh.

And for those who played it, we all know Yeta, the caring Yeti, she was a loving yeti at first, she was radical, usually snowboarding against You (Link) so you can get that piece of heart, and she was with a flu, so you must have to get ingredients for her soup, which could cure your life.

But when she is exposed to the twilight mirror, JESUS CHUNKY CHRIST! What happened to her, did she became like that person in exorcist, she freaking turn her head at a 360 degrees angle and then she becomes a giant chunk of ice trying to kill you, and not only that, when you defeat her, you became sad, since you can see you hurted her and makes you look like a coward...But hey, she at least drops millions of hears and a Heart Container after the battle.


Image shows it all, the picture says everything.
Pig Head, Mentally Retarted, has a chainsaw and brutally kills his enemies( and probably eats them because his body mass is too huge).


Clotho from God of War, I shall never show pictures of this monstrosity to the public, it can cause serious eye damage, if you want to see a picture of it, go to google, but don't say I didn't warn you.

Here is the best description of Clotho:
Clotho's body is boobies, Clotho is boobies, Clotho's gender is boobies and the entire level is boobies.

But don't expect to be a hot hentai girl, no it looks more like Peter Griffin 10x times his own weight.

And what is this thing? Is it a man? a woman? a robot?
Either way, you're still hideous Clotho.

Clotho, sex: ambiguos, body: Hideous, summary: BOOBIES!

Jenova from Final Fantasy 7,

Like Clotho, I can't post a pic of her because of those d*** boobies, either way?
What is Genova, is it a woman or is it those anime techno-girls?
I mean the first time Cloud sees her, she is disfigured, her head is cut-off, her arm looks like a boob, you can't difference her chest from her breast.

And not, to mention, she is creepy as s***, to me, she is way better than that pussy Sephiroth, he is emo, shows his chest to everyone and always says poetry, while, Jenova is creepy, has boobies and she makes you have diarheia because of her scary image, but hey, Sephiroth killed Aeris, so that counts more evilness.

Evil, ugly and one heck of a butt.
That's how you describe Queen Slug-for-a-butt, Clotho's older sister.
As the name says she uses a slug for her a**!

Heck, her entire final boss level is her a**, imagine if you were there, if you were earthworm Jim what would you do?
I say to the princess to f*** herself and run miles.
Her butt is so huge, that you can make more jokes like these than "your mother" jokes.

Ow and Queen Slug-for-a-butt is just her name abriviated here is her true name:
The Evil Queen Pulsating, Bloated, Festering, Sweaty, Pus-filled, Malformed, Slug-for-a-Butt.

Nihilant is both disturbing and scary.
I mean, what's up with him, he looks like an infant.
He looks like that somebody took a baby's eyes and added crab legs to him.

This makes a pregnant woman have miscarriage.


Matt helms is like Piggsy, he is fat, mentally retarted, but unlike Piggsy, he kills more people than him, scares more people than him (come on, who would not be scared with a man with a mask of a baby doll that has a firelauncher) and kicks your a** like Brandon.
He is a mix of everything you know.
He was a child killed by his parents and made a pact with the fucking devil to ressurect and kill his parents, now he has the form of pigsy a obese man and a child that looks like the person from Rise of Nightmares cover (but that game sucked), not to mention, he scared the s*** out of travis, gets his head blown, yet he still fucking lives and he always will.
But who could be more scarier than him, people may have predicted this but...It's him....He feels happy in the #1 place


Giygas needed to appear on this spot.
He is evil itself, no offense.
His level looks like an internal organ, he is a menace to the universe itself( don't belive me? Go ask Buzz-Buzz if he is still alive), he managed to control Porky and makes Porky call himself an idiot at anytime and just look at him, he looks like a screaming face.

Not to mention, his appereance in his last form looks like a fetus, he can totally beat weegee at anytime.

I'm hypah and this was my first top 10.

Last edited by Hypah on Fri Sep 30, 2011 10:44 pm; edited 2 times in total
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Hypah's game corner: Top 10 disturbing/scariest bosses in gaming Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hypah's game corner: Top 10 disturbing/scariest bosses in gaming   Hypah's game corner: Top 10 disturbing/scariest bosses in gaming EmptyThu Sep 22, 2011 8:54 pm

Why did you not include Donkey Kong. An ape throwing barrels full of s*** down on you is fucking scary.
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Hypah's game corner: Top 10 disturbing/scariest bosses in gaming
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