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 Hypah's Retro Game Corner: Battletoads in Battlemaniacs (Sega Master System)

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Hypah's Retro Game Corner: Battletoads in Battlemaniacs (Sega Master System) Empty
PostSubject: Hypah's Retro Game Corner: Battletoads in Battlemaniacs (Sega Master System)   Hypah's Retro Game Corner: Battletoads in Battlemaniacs (Sega Master System) EmptySat Oct 08, 2011 7:02 pm

Well, it’s about d*** time we must finish this week, It’s Saturday and this is the last game in Tectoy week: Battletoads in Battlemaniacs.

Once upon a time, Virgin Enterprises and Sega decided to team up to make a Battletoads game for the Master System with permission of Rare, but, the game was pulled out from Europe for unknown reasons, even though, the game magazine Sega Power had a copy of this game and they review it, causing confusion as the game wasn’t on shelves in the UK nor Europe.
However, this game was released here in Brazil, it’s rarer than any game I reviewed; Rarer than Woody Woodpecker, rarer than Duke Nukem and rarer than the Street Fighter II Sega Master System port.
But, does this game actually proves it’s good, ‘cause majority of the rare games I played, all sucked: Nintendo World Championships is worthless, Pepsi Invaders is just Space Invaders with the words Pepsi on the background, and I’m not kidding, Chettahmen was more incomplete than the first game, in fact, you could through air in that game and get hit by invisible enemies, the only good rare games I played that were nice was Star Fox 2 through an emulator and Megaman: The Willy Wars, which is a remake of the first 3 games for the Genesis/Megadrive.
So let’s review and finish this week.

Hypah's Retro Game Corner: Battletoads in Battlemaniacs (Sega Master System) 67886
First comes gameplay, and I’ve never been so impressed, it’s actually really good, it stays with the Battletoads formula, the controls work nicely, but as always, this game can kick your a**, as any Battletoads game, it’s difficult, and It’s a nightmare playing on 2-Player as they both have the ability to hit each other, just to make matters worse, it stays traditional to the NES Battletoads and even though not developed by Rare, you can’t distinguish this game with their Battletoads for the SNES (except graphic limitations *bricked*).

Hypah's Retro Game Corner: Battletoads in Battlemaniacs (Sega Master System) 225257-battletoads-in-battlemaniacs-sega-master-system-screenshot
The Graphics are amazing and makes this game looks more like a game for the Megadrive/Genesis rather than a Master System game, and it shows that the Master System had more potential than the NES, but because the NES was easier to make and port games, they decided to use it instead, the backgrounds are detailed, the character design look great, the enemies are meh, but overall, it makes one heck of a game, but, there aren’t no dying animations, when a Battletoad loses a life he will fall and get up like if he was just hit, the same happens when you get a game over, showing that this game wasn’t entirely complete, not to mention the cutscenes look s***, I couldn’t see what was happening, I remember the entire kidnapping Zitz scene, one of the scenes looked like Zitz had a hand glued on his head.

Hypah's Retro Game Corner: Battletoads in Battlemaniacs (Sega Master System) 26933
Sounds are good, even though it suffers
*dramatic Music*

Now even thought this happens, the soundtrack manages to be kinda like Rocket Knight for the Genesis, it manages to be good even with these problems, it manages to be entertaining but it can get sometimes annoying as in some cases, it will repeat the same tune over and over again, sound effects are forgivable as you focus more in the game and there are not big deal since you can barely hear them in the game, the sound there ain’t much to say, in a nutshell, it’s basically catchy, yet repetitive and annoying.

Overall, Battletoads is a very good game, I played it and I thought it was nice and stayed true to the original game, sound effect has some flaws, music can get annoying and the game has some glitches, but it’s a great game for you to play.
Very nice

Well that’s it for Tectoy week, but I won’t finish my specials.

In December, I’m planning to do a Rare month, which will be about Rareware games, from Sabrewulf to Kinect Sports as I will discuss the company’s history and cancelled projects.

And you may say, how did Tectoy suddenly fall? Well, after many years of facing against Gradiente, the 64-bit era came, Gradiente released the Nintendo 64 which became very popular here, and it’s very known in Brazil, while Tectoy had the Saturn, which was completely shadowed and never got attention, in fact, it was rare seeing commercials for the Saturn on TV, but they were later defeated by the Playstation, which was never released in Brazil, it was only released the hacked version which runned piracy.

Gradiente stopped making Nintendo consoles because of money issues, and when tectoy released the Dreamcast, SEGA already had plans to discontinue the Dreamcast, and the Playstation completely dominated Brazil over the Gamecube and Xbox, why?
Because it had Soccer and violence, any Brazilian’s wet dream.

I am Hypah and-
“Hey Hypah, I came here to give back your games” Misfit appeared and said.
“There you are!” Hypah says as he jumps on misfit and starts to fight against him.
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Hypah's Retro Game Corner: Battletoads in Battlemaniacs (Sega Master System)
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