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 Hypah's Game Corner: The Zeebo

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Hypah's Game Corner: The Zeebo Empty
PostSubject: Hypah's Game Corner: The Zeebo   Hypah's Game Corner: The Zeebo EmptyWed Oct 05, 2011 9:17 pm

Holy bat nipples, Batman!
An actual tectoy console, no rehashes, no shitty TV Games, it’s an actual console!

The Zeebo was made after the PS2’s sales of both games and consoles itself has been very high due to piracy, as many Brazilians found a way to hack it and unlock it, in fact, piracy is very common in games in Brazil to the point they unlocked the PS2 and Xbox 360, this is due to the fact that the price of games in here are very high they are the same price as a PS3 in Europe; but the game companies are trying to stop this, with Microsoft manufacturing Xboxs here, Wii U having a release and the PS3’s games being dubbed into Portuguese; the Zeebo was a big deal as it could have had some hope on gaming in brazil.
But this proved to be hopeless as we saw the Zeebo’s lifespan fading away, you may say: “Why did the Zeebo failed?” You will see.

Let’s first start what comes inside the Zeebo:
First there is the Console obviously, I mean it does kinda look nice and everything, but let’s face it, it looks like a mini fridge rather than a Video game console, if not a mini fridge, then it looks like what if the Wii and the Xbox 360 had a son, it would look like this.
Hypah's Game Corner: The Zeebo Zeebo-console-front

Then there is the controller, which looks identical to the Wii’s classic controller, heck in fact, it is the Wii’s classic controller only with the zeebo logo on it and numbers instead of letters.
Hypah's Game Corner: The Zeebo Zeebo_controller-01
Then there is the boomerang controller, which is the same thing as the PS Move and Kinect, it tries to copy the success of the wii, so they decided to use copy pasta to help them, too bad that this controller is awful, it makes you look like an idiot when you play, not to mention bad motion sensor, I can barely play games with it, it’s hard to control.
Hypah's Game Corner: The Zeebo New-zeebo-boomerang-controller-always-comes-back-to-its-owner1

And a keyboard, no I’m not a kidding; an actual keyboard comes with the console, seriously a keyboard! Couldn’t you just sell separately, Tectoy? I mean it serves for nothing in gameplay, not to mention the Zeebo doesn’t have online games! What were they thinking? Maybe it was this that caused the high price, they just added so much stuff on it, and it looks like a sandwich.
So, let’s see the games:
Brain Training…
Zeebo Extreme Sports…
Monica’s gang...
Learn to read…
*Throws Zeebo in a garbage can*

Hypah's Game Corner: The Zeebo Large_090325-zeebo-reinaldo-normand
Literatly, the Zeebo is a educonsole, at first It actually wasn’t you see, It featured games such as Resident Evil 4, a reworked Double Dragon, a Korean beat em’up in the style of Viewtful Joe which is nice, Sonic Adventure, Need for Speed, Bad Dudes and Quake II.
Some of them were good such as Double Dragon and Resident Evil, however, some of these good games often came with confusing controls which happens for Need for Speed, games sounded good, but the games often were bad as they focussed on casual games, but tectoy tried to fix their errors and released games such as Prey Evil, Tekken 2 and Fighter’s history, but the Zeebo got attention from lesser known companies rather than popular companies such as Capcom, Konami, etc.
Not to mention majority of the games were mobile games
And then Tectoy decided to make a rule for Zeebo games, No violence, which completely ruined hopes, as we all know Violent games predominate the market, and Zeebo became a educonsole for Mexico and Brazil, it had features such as internet 3G by Claro (a Brazilian mobile company), E-mail and there were plans for twitter, but it costs Z-Points, which is kinda like PSN Points, Xbox Live Cards, Wii Credits and such, but people weren’t even paying attention to the Zeebo and was hard as s***, to find those cards, it was rare, nobody was giving a s*** about Tectoy.

Now, they are trying to make a HD Console only this time without the no violence rule, now all games are going to be either call of duty or a really old game nobody cares, can’t wait, to be true the Zeebo could have been a good console and it had software potential, but it seems like Tectoy didn’t show it and were stuck in the casual games idea.

Overall, the Zeebo is bad, but it’s not the console that’s crap, it’s Tectoy that doesn’t know how to manage in business, instead of going to aim at major companies and present a good software for them, they stuck on the idea to educate children and steal money from people, the Zeebo could have been better unfortunately we, Brazilians, got a pile of Godzilla’s s***.
Now, stay tuned as in Friday, I will review Battletoads in Battlemaniacs for the Master System, a really rare game that was only released here and wasn’t made by tectoy, it was made by Virgin and Sega, stay tuned!
Hypah's Game Corner: The Zeebo Boxart-large

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Hypah's Game Corner: The Zeebo
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