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 Hypah's rant: What the Wii U should be.

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Hypah's rant: What the Wii U should be. Empty
PostSubject: Hypah's rant: What the Wii U should be.   Hypah's rant: What the Wii U should be. EmptySat Sep 24, 2011 12:44 pm

E3 2011, It was the day Nintendo announced the Wii U, critics loved it, incluiding Screwattacks, Game Trailers and some Hardcore gamers, mostly because of it's technology and the choice of games like: Darksiders II, Batman: Arkham City, Ninja Gaiden 3 and as EA announced a Battlefield 3 version for the Wii U.

But, some hardcore gamers didn't like the controller and because of it they are saying Nintendo is dead (which is as stupid as when Chris Bores judged Tekken 6 sucked by just playing the story mode and in the re-edited version in the game when he reviewed the Arcade Mode, he tried to make the game suck, so he can say that he was right).

So, I decided to do this rant focussed on what I want for the Wii U.

So sit Back and Enjoy.

1. FPS Solution

Ugh, we all know pretty much everyone of the "hardcore gamers" like FPSs on a Xbox 360 (classic...), and Let's admit, playing a FPS with Gyroscope makes you look to your friends that you are mentally retarded, making them stand back miles away from you, so what I suggest is that when there is this kind of shooters, make three choices:

1.Wii U Zapper with Gyroscope
2.Wii U Zapper minus the Gyroscope, so they can only shoot at the TV and turn around with a analog
3.Wii U Remote

2. Company relationship and New IPs

That's what you're missing currently, remember when Nintendo did Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem or their deal with Silicon Knights, it all faded, you need to improve this and attract new companies to become 2nd parties to help the Wii U lifespan, that helped the N64 thanks to Rareware (which now they suck thanks to Microsoft), I suggest attracting 3rd parties too, so that games such as Fallout, DmC, Anarchy Reigns or Bioshock appear on the console.
I also suggest new IPs that goes through an age meter, for example: make a new IP for children, Make an IP for Teens and make a new IP for mature audience (and Don't come saying you can't make mature games, Eternal Darkness was rated M)

3.A New Star Fox

What? I'm a huge fan of the series, what I suggest is to keep airwing battles but don't make like Assault since sometimes, no enemies appear and you have to wait for them, another thing I suggest is On-foot levels in third person shooter in the style of Vanquish and Mass Effect.
I also suggest Multiplayer, with lots of customization and the ability to craft, like in Team Fortress 2, you can play online in either Airwing mode or On-foot mode.
If Nintendo doesn't put CGI Cutscenes in the game (which is rare), I suggest anime studios such as Mad House and Studio 4C to do it.

4.Cross Platforming.

Don't be like Microsoft, makes games with Cross Platforming like in this case: Counter Strike: GO and any Final Fantasy online game, this makes the game have more players and more popularity on the console

5.Online distribution

Kinda like Xbox 360 games on demand, when the Wii U becomes popular do this and put the most famous games you have on the system to it, and fix bugs in the games, rework the framerate, then release it for a cost on Wii U points and money.

Oh and also add Gamecube games to be distributed on it, and release games like: Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes, Eternal Darkness, F-ZERO GX, Luigi's mansion, 1080 Avalanche.

And that's what all I have in mind for today, this was hypah and stay gold.
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Hypah's rant: What the Wii U should be. Empty
PostSubject: Re: Hypah's rant: What the Wii U should be.   Hypah's rant: What the Wii U should be. EmptyWed Feb 15, 2012 9:40 pm

And don't use specs that can let computer make an emulator for it (And run better) while other consoles of it's generations will have an emulator in about a couple years.
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Hypah's rant: What the Wii U should be.
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