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 Hypah's URS (Untitled Rant Series): Video Game Controversies

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Hypah's URS (Untitled Rant Series): Video Game Controversies Empty
PostSubject: Hypah's URS (Untitled Rant Series): Video Game Controversies   Hypah's URS (Untitled Rant Series): Video Game Controversies EmptySat Oct 15, 2011 11:50 pm

Hi and welcome to the first edition of the URS, today we will be talking controversies, one of the many things that prejudice gaming, games have growned nowadays, in the golden age it was more of a kid’s toy but now it’s form of entertainment for all audiences from kids to teenagers to adults, but this is what the problem is, because of this change many people think that game is still a child’s toy like back them instead of a form of entertainment, so if a person sees one bit of sex or violence, then it’s going to become a problem, now I’m against games causes you to become a murdered, they can influence violence (but I mean to the point of bullying and stress, not total murder) and the acknowledge of real word weapons sometimes, such as Call of Duty as it can present weapons to the younger audience such as Olympia, AK-47U and whatever the **** I can’t think of, heck, my friends know the origin of the country’s weapon and it’s capacities, but I think films are more closer to reality than games, and majority of the cases of video game or film controversy you might blame the person’s past rather than the things they played or watched, for example: Those shooters from columbine suffered bullying and it was one of the main causes why they became insane, and I remember a guy that attacked a kid at his home from cursing him in Black Ops, yet it was shown that he had schizophrenia.
Hypah's URS (Untitled Rant Series): Video Game Controversies Shot3

Now, let’s get to Woman portrayal in gaming, majority of the women think that games portraits a woman wrong, I agree and disagree with this; I agree since in many games, women are often Damsels in distress and sometimes very sexualized, and I mean to the max, for example: Princess Peach can’t show that she is courageous or anything and always show herself to be always dependent on Mario, and sexualization is big, one of them being heroines like Bayonetta which always wants to show her looks and is very associated to erotica, heck when she soars in mid-air she loses all her clothes and often shows herself as a whore, another case goes to Lara Croft, even though she shows her intellectual, her aggressiveness and courage, she is a sex object and most of the time is used by the fans for erotic images and often shows her busty appearance in gaming and in the film she reveals her body, and most of the times they either edit or try to hide the fact is a woman that your either controlling or beating up, this is the case for Sega’s Sega Ninja which the main character was originally a woman and the game was called Ninja Princess, this also goes to Final Fight, one of my favourite Beat em’ ups thanks to Poison which was originally supposed to be a woman, then was changed to a post-op male-to-female transsexual and in america was changed to a pre-op transsexual, but this also bad as we are beating up a gay person and they have their own rights, I don’t care what people say about them, they are human beings; now I also disagree with the women portrayal in games, mostly because of such characters as Chun-Li, Alyx Vance from Half-Life, Samus and Princess Zelda, all of them show what a woman can do and they are independent, that they have their own rights and they can show that they are strong.
Chun-Li shows she is the world’s strongest woman and that she can fight and protect herself from any danger without having to worry; Alyx Vance shows she is a loyal companion to Gordon Freeman showing herself being strong and a intellectual woman, she also shows that she can help you at any time; Samus is a surprise in Metroid, when we played Metroid we thought we were either playing as a man or a robot and then bam, the ending of the game reveals that you were playing all the time as a woman, she also shows she is pretty strong in Metroid and that she is fearsome, even though Other M doesn’t show that, stupid game; Princess Zelda shows she can be strong and she can defend herself, as she pretends to be Sheik to pass through Ganon and be a mentor to Link in Ocarina of time while in Wind Waker, she is Tetra, the captain of her pirate group and is also helpful to link, but like Other M, Spirit Tracks doesn’t show that.
Hypah's URS (Untitled Rant Series): Video Game Controversies Chun-Li_Zhang_-_Tenshoukyaku

Racism is also a point, there is a game called Ethnic Cleansing, a Racist FPS made by White Separitists and Neo Nazis, and I’m not fucking kidding, in this game you have to kill Jews, Latinos and Black people merciless, this caused the Interactive Digital Software Association to encourage members to adopt policies for the Genesis3D engine; another racist game includes Custer’s Revenge, in which you are George Armstrong Custer and you rape a Native American Woman while dodging arrows, it received controversies for being sexist as the woman couldn’t do nothing to escape and because of the native american element, now another game is well known, Mike Tyson’s Punch Out, this game is very popular and is very well known, but majority of the rivals you face are stereotypes, Soda Popinski was originally Vodka Drunkenski, a drunk russian; The Mexican fighter spits on your face and Glass Joe is French and is very weak, not to mention a pussy; There is also the SimCopter incident in which at certain dates, you could find himbos in the game’s data and you could see them even on far range due to…Never mind, but it was considered offensive as it was considered offensive to many gays.
Hypah's URS (Untitled Rant Series): Video Game Controversies Punch-Out_Wii

Now, let’s get to the main point of controversies, Sex and Violence, this are the main things that affect games in controversy, this occasionally happens in shooting games, such as Modern Warfare 2 and the infamous mission No Russians, in which you go to an airport and kill dozens of innocents, however, this mission isn’t obligatory and if you skip the mission nothing will happen to your status, but this was one of the main causes in game controversies, mostly because of the sensationalism of Fox News saying that this scene was obligatory and that this game is made by evil minds, heck, some of the News in brazil said that Counter Strike was made by terrorists; Duke Nukem Forever received controversy for the Capture the Babe multiplayer mode in which you capture the enemies’ babe and to calm her down, you have to do things with her ***, this was considered sexist by a tv station; a similar controversy happened with Grand Theft Auto, a really popular game made by Rockstar Games, who also made Red Dead Redemption and L.A. Noire, which there was the Hot Coffee mod, which the player could engage sex with a woman in the game, this caused lots of controversy worldwide and it’s really popular, and even though a mod, it is affirmed that this was found on disk data so the modificators didn’t made this mod, they just brought the data they found in the game and putted in the game, but another game that helped the sex factor was the Mass Effect incident which Fox News complained to the max, even though you could skip the scene and it was shown in flashes, it’s so bad that even Jack Thompson criticized this idiotic controversy and Fox News apologized gamers.
Hypah's URS (Untitled Rant Series): Video Game Controversies 500x_blackops

Now this is all for today, that was long.
I’m Hypah saying Fox News mind your own business.
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Hypah's URS (Untitled Rant Series): Video Game Controversies
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