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 The Legend of Emerald Portfolio

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PostSubject: The Legend of Emerald Portfolio   The Legend of Emerald Portfolio EmptySun Sep 25, 2011 10:18 pm

Oh look, the link posting restriction is gone... Twisted Evil

Hello, everybody, Legendary Emerald here, and I'm about to share my past with you all. I'm a struggling creative-type who's been doing all sorts of crazy stuff on the web since an I got my first computer at age ten. From sprite comics to fan-fictions, fan-games to fan-art, music to original fiction, there's little I haven't dabbled in. The consequence of spreading myself so wide though is that the vast majority of everything I have attempted when I was younger resulted in some of the worst work on the internet today. Be very very glad you didn't know about me before I joined this forum, people.

However, with time came experience, and with experience came something close to quality. Nowadays I can show off my better works to people without feeling completely ashamed of myself, which is great, considering I love getting feedback. So without further ado, here is all the s*** that's fit to s***: my little online portfolio that I like to call "The Legend of Emerald".

Hello honorable people of the Flying Omelette Palace. After visiting the main site for several years, and periodically perusing the forum, I ended up joining today. As there is no introduction thread, and I'm no good at introducing myself anyways, I figured I'd let my meager creations speak for me.

I have completed one and a half independent CDs, all composed electronically using a simple to use music creation tool. Stylistically, there is quite a bit of variety. While there are certainly duds, there are some standout tracks as well.

http://michaelgammell.bandcamp.com/track/children-cry-vocal - The sole vocal song on my second CD, with lyrics written by myself and vocals performed by Wyatt Lamoureux.
http://michaelgammell.bandcamp.com/track/mechanical-owls - Title track for my first CD, and the first song I composed which I was happy with.
http://michaelgammell.bandcamp.com/track/buoyancy - Best example of a piano piece I have done; unusually tender for my style of music.
http://michaelgammell.bandcamp.com/track/shipwreck - Brooding synth and orchestra track meant to simulate an underwater excursion to a sunken ship.
http://michaelgammell.bandcamp.com/track/hallowed-metamorphosis - Bizarre electronic piece I made, somewhat inspired by the Donkey Kong Country 3 sewer levels.
http://michaelgammell.bandcamp.com/track/3-4ths-on-the-way-to-death - My lone attempt at a hard rock song; didn't turn out too shabby actually.

More so than music, which was always more of a creative diversion, writing has always been my true love. I was writing fanfiction at the age of 10, and while I won't torment you with that, I will say that I did not stop writing fanfiction for a long time. Nowadays I'm in the planning stages for an actual book or series of original books, which I plan to write the rough drafts of before I complete college. I cannot show or tell you anything about that subject, but I can show you some of the works I have completed and showcase freely online.

http://legendaryemerald.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d34ax7c - "The Hobo Bible", a short film script I wrote for a final exam in my screenwriting class. A (somewhat) typical college comedy which centers around three friends and the homeless "teacher" they discover living in their campus. Due to the 30 page limit, the story couldn't be everything I wanted, but within those restrictions I completed something which I am more than happy to share with others. I hope you enjoy.

http://legendaryemerald.deviantart.com/gallery/#/d33bqoc - "Shattered". I'm sure you all understand the concept of stream of consciousness writing; you sit down in front of a blank page or word tablet, and start writing whatever comes to your mind. Taking the concept one step further, I wrote a short story off the top of my head, in a period of two days. What ended up on the page was the strange story of a child soldier with an insatiable thirst for knowledge, and the abnormal kingdom in which he lives. Worth a read, especially considering its short length. (May contain typos!)

I am not an artist. Do you see my avatar? I made that. Pity me. Still, I have doodled some things worth seeing, if for no other reason than to laugh at. Here's a small sample.

http://legendaryemerald.deviantart.com/#/d24kd4j - Spritesheet I made for the servebot characters in the Megaman Legends series. Why yes, I AM still upset they cancelled the third game.
http://legendaryemerald.deviantart.com/#/d47s648 - My avatar on most other websites and forums. Isn't "MSPAINT" a blast?
https://2img.net/h/i463.photobucket.com/albums/qq351/emerald_hedge/0323011416.jpg - I accidentally a Digimon-sorta thing
https://s463.photobucket.com/albums/qq351/emerald_hedge/?action=view&current=uhohmegaman.png - Megaman buys feminine hygiene products for Roll. Art trade thingy
https://s463.photobucket.com/albums/qq351/emerald_hedge/?action=view&current=BD3F4E_09EE06FA55190_003.gif - HOW I SHOT ANIME?!


Now go home and become a family man.
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The Legend of Emerald Portfolio
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